AW20 - Not For Everyone
If one dares to create for themselves or design to innovate his/her life - in essence, venture out on a limb to discover the uniqueness and infinitude of experience and timeless wardrobe pieces during unprecedented times. We are always told to listen to the voice of reason and then strongly encouraged to join forces with others unwillingly. 
Society: "if you want to fit in, be like us"
Being our authentic self, is the way we can truly express our creativity and our perspective on life. The power inherited within individuality is a potent force. Pulled together, it is unstoppable for the right intentions. 
Individuality in having your own style, your own perspective and opinion are the pillars that we have engraved as essential focus points of this collection. As we embrace individuality, we understand that coming together as a community full of individuality is where the secret power is. Fader Mien is the sum of the collective intent of the people behind it. We represent individuality, cherish family bonds and push boundaries without our creativity without the limitations set by society. 
Hence why this collection is called Not For Everyone - we don't want to limit ourselves to reach our full potential. During this pandemic it has been very difficult as a fashion brand to create, inspire and launch a new collection with such negativity and limitations to what we can do set by our governments. We hope to inspire people that being yourself and embracing your creativeness is still fully achievable even when in unprecedented times.